Must-Have Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7

Jailbreaking and Cydia downloads became a must-have for many iOS users as the apps and tweaks made available at the Apple Store are not enough anymore. Everybody is aware of the fact that Apple is not allowed with many apps that users would enjoy. Therefore, jailbreaking became the better option.

Tweaks are extremely wanted packages on Cydia thanks to the impact they have on the iDevices as they can really improve the users’ experience while using their iPod or iPhone. The tweaks are supposed to have a section in the Settings app after they are installed.

Here are some interesting Cydia tweaks that every jailbroken device owner must have.

1. Switchy

This is a very useful tweak as it is known for modifying the multitasking bar in order to allow the user to have not only one, but two rows top-bottom of apps. One change in Switchy is that it makes the app switcher bigger. Not only that but it appears to be allowing for an additional brightness adjuster, kill-app button, settings shortcut, and enhanced music bar. Switchy is available in Cydia for $1.00.

2. Custom NC Background

This very interesting Cydia tweak allows users to set a custom notification center background on their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The custom Notification Center background can be easily chosen from the photo library, and users must know that WinterBoard is not required. Custom NC Background is a free of charge tweak that Cydia offers.

3. Browser Changer or Browser Chooser

These are two Cydia tweaks created by different authors but with the same functionality. Both of them allows users to select almost any browser in the App store in order to make it as the default browser. For example, when Chrome for iPhone was released, many users began wondering how to set Chrome as their new browser. Well, these two tweaks will definitely help them!

4. Voice Activator

The fact that “Voice Control” is part of the iPhone for a while is well-known. However, as well-known is also the fact that the iPhone’s Voice Control appears to be lacking the potential it could have. Therefore, many users prefer to go for VoiceActivator, which lets them configure custom words and phrases that, thanks to Activator, can open apps. VoiceActivator is not a cheap Cydia app, but it cannot be called expensive also, although it is on the high end of the scale for a jailbreak tweak being available for $4.99

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